A Podcast for Every Type of Road Trip Companion

It seems like there’s a podcast for everything these days. Which is great, because that means there’s a podcast for every *one*

Some people say that it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. Those people have never been stuck in a car with a traveling companion that started your road trip as a friend, but after several hours of missed exits, monotonous landscapes, and a dwindling supply of snacks, you’re starting to realize they may morph into a full-fledged foe by the time you get wherever you’re supposed to be going. Luckily, if you queue up exactly the right podcast you’ll be able to pacify even the most intense cases of cabin fever.

Visit the Historic Places Where John Lewis Made Good Trouble

The world has revisited the horror of Bloody Sunday, when Lewis and others were attacked on a voting rights march to Montgomery. Even more than a half-century later, you can sense their bravery in the grainy footage. But the feeling is all the more powerful in person.

Secret Florida: 9 Places You Never Knew You Needed to See

Some of the weirdest, wackiest, under the radar places in Florida.

Florida is quite the destination–sometimes controversial, sometimes just plain weird, it’s hard not to hold a special place in your heart for the strange state. This is especially true when it comes to all of the wacky and…interesting…spots it holds. These ten treasures are the under-the-radar, completely out of this world gems the state houses.

Make Sure You Download These 10 Apps Before Hitting the Road

Keep yourself entertained, fed, and safe on your upcoming road trip.

Whether you’re striking out on a day trip or making a cross-country trek, one of the keys to a successful road trip is being prepared. So while you’re making sure your snacks and playlist of crowd-pleasing jams are all in order, make sure your phone is similarly outfitted with everything you need to ensure you’re ready for any bumps (both metaphorically and the kind that can cause a flat tire) you may encounter along the way.

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