The Balkans Real Food Adventure

01/09/2022 through 09/23/2023
01/09/2022 through 09/26/2023
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The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the Balkans on a 12-day tour through Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Along your way, stroll through lush national parks, discover quaint villages and see some of the region’s most spiritual sites. Sip a traditional fermented drink – boza – for breakfast, picnic on the banks of the Treska River, master the art of the perfect pastry with the village women of Janche, indulge in a traditional Kosovan barbeque, dine on home-grown produce in the private garden of a Dihovo family and visit a centuries-old olive press outside of Kotor. With curated food and wine experiences plus an expert local guide leading the way, your Balkans Real Food Adventure will not leave you hungry!


  • Ston – Town Visit
  • Brijesta village – Small winery and restaurant (oyster tasting)
  • Njegusi – Smokehouse Visit & Tasting
  • Lustica – Olive oil farm visit
  • Prizren – Walking Tour
  • Shkoder – Rozafa Fortress visit
  • Kosovo – Sightseeing Tour
  • Pristina – Gracanica Monastery Visit
  • Gracanica – Traditional Lunch
  • Tetovo – Painted Mosque of Tetovo Visit
  • Mavrovo National Park – Traditional Dinner
  • Janche – Cooking Class
  • Debar – Mavrovo National Park Visit
  • Debar – St Jovan Bigorski Monastery visit
  • Kuratica – Local Home Cooked Dinner
  • Dihovo – Beekeeping Masterclass
  • Ohrid – Green Market Visit/Breakfast
  • Dihovo – Villa Dihovo Lunch
  • Stobi – Stobi Archaeological Site Visit
  • Tikves – Visit two micro-wineries for tastings
  • Matka – Matka Canyon Boat Cruise
  • Skopje – Green Market


  • In the small town of Janche, meet with local village women for a cooking class focused on making local flaky pastries – considered a specialty of the region.
  • Have a hands-on experience when you meet a local beekeeper for a honey tasting – you’ll be definitely getting the buzz in this master class.
  • Discover the wine scene in North Macedonia and how, since ancient times, these fertile lands have produced renowned grapes. You’ll sample the finest drops with a celebrated local expert.
  • Learn about a world of hams and cheeses in a centuries-old smokehouse, and discover the ancient processes of making olive oil at a local farm outside of Kotor.
  • Throughout your culinary escapade, explore the undulating countryside, stunning landscapes and hidden towns of the Balkans – you’ll gain a true sense of this region with your small group.


Day 1 Dubrovnik
Day 2 Kotor
Day 3 Kotor
Day 4 Prizren
Day 5 Prizren
Day 6 Janche
Day 7 Ohrid
Day 8 Ohrid
Day 9 Bitola
Day 10 Skopje / Tikves
Day 11 Skopje
Day 12 Skopje

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