Morocco: Women's Expedition

06/12/2021 through 10/06/2021
06/12/2021 through 10/16/2021
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Morocco: Women’s Expedition

Join Intrepid on our very first female-only adventure – an unforgettable expedition to the remote and less-travelled reaches of Morocco. Begin in Marrakech, where the wow-factor of the Maghreb comes in many forms, notably the spectacular Djemaa el-Fna town square. Then it’s off to the other Morocco, the one they don’t tell you about in the guidebooks. Break bread with Berber families in private homes in remote areas, see how an artist co-op is empowering female rug-weavers in small villages, take in the verdant beauty of the far-flung M’goun Valley, and enjoy the singing and dancing of Moroccan women in cultural ceremonies in small villages – far away from the bustle of the big towns. With all the hallmarks of a classic Intrepid adventure – local leadership, private transport, real life experiences – and an added focus on female travel and female empowerment, this is a unique opportunity for women to blaze the trail in an incredible but often conservative country – without compromising on safety.


  • Dinner with music and local songs workshop
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Rug weaving demonstration
  • Traditional Moroccan breakfast preparation workshop
  • Local folklore workshop
  • Farming activities
  • Berber make-up workshop


  • Travel off the beaten path in Morocco, reaping the benefits of not only an all-female group and private transport, but also the unique insights offered by a local female leader.
  • Attend a weaving workshop run by a ladies’ cooperative and learn how local females are taking charge of the economics of their rug-weaving trade.
  • Make the most of the opportunity to learn some basic skills at a traditional rug-weaving class.
  • Try your hand at preparing your own fresh khobz (flatbread), an essential part of every Moroccan breakfast.
  • Learn the traditional way of preparing couscous under the guidance of those who do it best.
  • The gorgeous M’goun Valley is a dream to explore on foot. Take in unforgettable panoramas, visit a local village and enjoy Berber hospitality.
  • While you’ll get to hear Berber music throughout this trip, you’ll also get to make the most of a special evening of music and dance led by women in a rural village.
  • Step into a traditional outfit and have your make-up done for you using henna and khol before enjoying one final group dinner.


Day 1 Marrakech
Day 2 Bou Tharar village
Day 3 Agouti Village
Day 4 Amejgag village
Day 5 Issoummar
Day 6 Bou Tharar
Day 7 Marrakech
Day 8 Marrakech

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