Greenland and Iceland – The Ultimate Fjord and National Park Experience

03/13/2019 through 07/23/2019
03/13/2019 through 08/06/2019

Greenland and Iceland – The Ultimate Fjord and National Park Experience

This exploration begins in Spitsbergen and sails to Greenland and Iceland for an incomparable Arctic adventure. As we reach the least-visited national park in the world, we might sail for days without seeing another vessel. The chances of meeting a polar wolf or polar bear are far greater than meeting another human being. Join us for a voyage far beyond the ordinary.

Explore three Arctic islands and the least-visited national park in the world on an unforgettable wilderness adventure. This voyage is also available in 2018. Read about it here.

See the Arctic Crown of Norway – Spitsbergen

After embarking on MS Roald Amundsen in Longyearbyen, we sail out of Isfjord towards the open ocean that evening. Why not join the Expedition team on deck as they scan for whales?

Glorious isolation

As we start sailing along the coast of Greenland, the splendid isolation of the journey begins to take hold. Once in the fjords of northeast Greenland, your sense of distance, as well as your perceived size and shape of the surrounding scenery, will be challenged. These are the largest fjords in the world, and the alpine landscape, with hanging glaciers and dramatic vertical granite walls, stretches as far as the eye can see. All along our route, we will go ashore to explore the wilderness. You can also participate in exciting excursions such as kayaking and hiking.

Our last call in northeast Greenland is the most isolated town in the country, Ittoqqortoormiit. For up to nine months of the year, the town is cut off from the outside world. Our local guide will show you the sights, including a visit to the museum and the church as you discover this unique settlement on foot.

The “Saga Land”

We explore western Iceland, often called the “Saga Land.” The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is sometimes referred to as Iceland in a Nutshell. Dotted with towns and villages, mountains, bird cliffs, saga sites, and hiking trails, it is truly a world of unique beauty.


Day 1 Oslo/Longyearbyen
Day 2 Longyearbyen
Day 3-4 At Sea
Day 5-8 Northeast Greenland National Park
Day 9 Ittoqqortoormiit
Day 10 At Sea
Day 11 Stykkíshólmur
Day 12 Reykjavík

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