14 Days, Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Svalbard Expedition With snow-capped beauty, calving glaciers and thundering waterfalls, Norway enchants. See the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord and Torghatten landmark, and explore the icy wonderland, nature reserves and birding cliffs of Svalbard, land of the polar bear.
Starting at $18999.00+

14 Days, Beyond The Antarctic Circle Venture beyond 66.5º south to the remote reaches of Earth and explore fascinating wilderness in search of whales, penguins and seals. See extraordinary ice formations – tabular bergs and towering cathedrals – and follow the paths of great explorers.
Starting at $20999.00+

14 Days, Exploration: Springtime In The British Isles Navigate the scenic Isles of Sicily, discover UNESCO treasures from the Giant’s Causeway to the isolated St. Kilda archipelago, and explore the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the windswept Shetlands. An overnight in Edinburgh caps the journey.
Starting at $12999.00+

14 Days, Arctic Expedition: Svalbard, Greenland Sea & Iceland Nearly all of Svalbard is protected reserves and national parks – a magnificent landscape of glaciers and fjords that is home to polar bears, seabirds, seals and walrus. And with its deep waters and towering peaks, the wonders of Iceland beckon, too.
Starting at $20999.00+

13 Days, Expedition Africa: Henry The Navigator & The Age Of Discovery Navigate the routes of explorers to discover remote Atlantic isles, from Cape Verde to the Canaries. Explore birding paradises and a UNESCO-listed biosphere. Journey to Marrakesh and Casablanca, and revel in Costa del Sol Glamour of Marbella.
Starting at $10499.00+

14 Days, American East Coast Discovery Discover Eastern Canada’s rugged natural beauty and French fortress landmarks, and explore wilderness wonders in Acadia National Park and American history in Provincetown. Overnights in New York City and Charleston add cultured perspectives.
Starting at $9999.00+

12 Days, Expedition: Chilean Fjords & Glaciers From Castro’s UNESCO Churches of Chiloé to Patagonia’s gigantic Pío XI Glacier, a journey of awe-inspring wonder: fjords and ice-capped volcanoes, Magellanic penguins by the thousands, Glacier Alley and rounding Cape Horn at "The End of the Earth."
Starting at $9999.00+

12 Days, Peru & Chile: Andean Coast Adventure UNESCO-designated treasures abound, from coastal marine and biosphere reserves to Nazca Lines and the White City of Arequipa. Search for Humboldt penguins, sea lions, marine otters and Peruvian boobies; or relax and sip chardonnay on golden beaches.
Starting at $8499.00+

12 Days, Along The Rivers To Nantes, Amsterdam & London Explore the vineyards of Bordeaux and cruise the Garonne River en route to Nantes on the Loire River to discover medieval châteaux and wineries. Enjoy calls in Brittany and the Channel Islands, two nights in Amsterdam and an overnight in London.
Starting at $11499.00+

11 Days, Expedition Svalbard: In Search Of Polar Bears Magnificent glaciers and majestic fjords. Steep cliffs with nesting seabirds and pristine waters where seals and walrus swim. Ice sheets and floes as far as the eye can see. Join us and prepare for extraordinary discovery in the land of the Ice Bear.
Starting at $16499.00+