Behind the Scenes: From My Passion for Globetrotting a New Business Emerges

I don’t remember my first travel adventure.

I was an infant and my parents never hesitated to take me – and my sisters when they came into being – wherever they were going on a trip. Except for when they went to Hawaii when I was nine months old. After that, we traveled as a family.

My first solo plane ride was from Los Angeles to San Jose to visit my cousins when I was 9 or 10 years old.

I was 13 when we traveled around Europe for three months in a VW camper van.

I was 19 when I hitchhiked across the country with another gal I had met working for the summer on Cape Cod.

I was still 19 when I went on a 2-week tour of China with a group from my university. Then, I continued traveling for six months, sometimes on my own and sometimes meeting up with friends along the way.

Since then I’ve lived in two countries (Germany and Canada) other than the United States and have traveled to 30+ countries. 

I don’t rattle off this list to impress you, but to show you that travel and adventure in lands other than where I was born, is in my blood. I have wanderlust and an intense travel bug.

And, that’s why I’ve launched a new side hustle because it makes sense for me and my love of adventure and discovery of other people, cultures, art, food, and landscapes.


Globetrotting Adventure Travel

Globetrotting Adventure Travel

It began in late 2018 when I had a conversation with my colleague Sue Painter who is both a business coach and an independent travel agent. I felt excited when she told me about getting involved in the travel industry and how I could do it too.

The idea of becoming an independent travel advisor was intriguing and I took a deep dive into the Internet doing research on how to get started, the costs of starting up, and what I needed to learn. Everything you need to do when you start a new business.

After several hiking trips in Peru and Nepal, I knew also that my primary niche is going to focus on small group adventure travel. It’s a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people while experiencing off-the-beaten-path adventures including physical activity, cultural activity, and homestays, for example.

Adventure travel is not solely about trekking or Bungie jumping off high bridges. It’s about trying new things, sometimes with a bit of risk (or perceived risk), and getting out of your comfort zone to learn more about the world we inhabit.

Your Personal Travel Assistant

I’m here to help you plan your trip. Whatever the reason you’re traveling, I’ve got you covered. My website features a lot of current promotions and if you see one that intrigues you, simply contact me and I’ll do the leg work to get you all the information you need. Think of me as your personal travel assistant!

For do-it-yourselfers, there is a booking tool so you can search for and book your own flights and cruises. Hotel booking will be rolling out soon. In the meantime, I can help you out directly.

Working as a travel advisor is a natural fit for me and I can’t wait to assist you with your globetrotting adventures and exploring the world.

The Travelers I Work With

Salkantay Pass, Peru

Arrived! Salkantay Pass, Peru

One of the members of the Marketing Trailblazers community asked me who I wanted to serve and what kind of trips I will specialize in. Great question!

While I have the resources to book any kind of trip, my passion is for small group and independent travel. It’s what I know and love best personally and where I can call deeply on my experiences.

  • You are called to get off the beaten path and experience local cultures in a more personal way
  • You crave an active experience: hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing
  • You want to learn more about local life, working, living and cooking, learning a new language
  • You prefer intimate experiences: traveling in a small group (10-12 people) or on your own or with a couple of friends
  • You’re curious and see yourself as a citizen of the world; you embrace the diversity our world offers

What’s your dream adventure? Together, we can make it happen!

What I’ve Learned So Far About the Travel Industry

  1. Travel agents get access to better deals than the general public. In just the last few months, I’ve received emails nearly every day letting me know about discounts and promotions that I can pass on to my clients.
  2. This surprised me: most travel agents don’t book flights for their clients anymore. Basically, it’s become so easy for anyone to book a flight, and there are few if any commissions paid by airlines, that most agents feel it’s not worth their time. However, if you have a complicated or multi-city flight plan, an agent can make it easier. As a courtesy, I’ll help you anytime, if you wish.  🙂
  3. For the most part, travel agents no longer get free travel perks. Discounts, yes. Freebies, no.
  4. There’s a ton to learn about the industry due to regulations that differ from state to state. I’ve been attending several webinars every week.
  5. Since my main interest is in small group adventure travel, I can get certified as a small group travel specialist as well as an adventure travel specialist so I can serve you with the best information and provide a great experience.

What Does This Mean for Adventures in Visibility

Have no fear! I feel Globetrotting Adventure Travel is an extension of my digital marketing consulting and training business. Many in my communities know about my love of travel. I often use travel metaphors in my work and see a strong relationship between business and travel: challenging, taking risks, experimenting, exploring, venturing out of one’s comfort zone, and experiencing profound transformation as a result. In fact, I rebranded my business to Adventures in Visibility after my second trip to Peru. It made sense considering my history in business and in traveling the world.

My intention is to share my adventure in starting a new business from scratch with occasional blog posts and videos. I know I’m not the only person who has multiple businesses and if I can help guide you through the challenges by sharing my experiences, then I’m all in. Stay tuned…

Travel Resources

Suspension bridge Annapurna trek

Suspension bridge in the Himalayas, Nepal.

  1. I’ve been building a list of travel gadgets, books and must-haves on Amazon. Many I own, others have come with high recommendations. Check out the list here.
  2. If you take pictures with your smartphone when you travel, I recommend you take Irina Leoni’s Smartphone Photography 101 course. If you’re not a professional photographer, you’ll learn how to take much better photos of your travels. I took the course before my trip to Nepal and India and my best pictures were the ones where I applied what I learned from Irina. Your photos will be Instagram worthy. Highly recommended!
  3. How to Stop Jet Lag on your next trip.
  4. My reviews on TripAdvisor. (follow me!)

Now, it’s real. I’m ready for my new adventure in the travel business and would love to share my passion for travel with you. Contact me if you have a dream adventure you’d like to make a reality!

Referrals are welcome, too!  😆

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